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From the Authors Desk


Super fun news came in last night. My script for a holiday movie titled Christmas at The North Star Inn is a quarterfinalist in Stage 32's 1st Annual Holiday Screenwriting Contest. A bit of backstory, at the start of the pandemic, I decided I wanted to learn how to write screenplays. I dove in with both feet. How different from book writing could it be? Hahaha. Well, turns out, a lot. At times it felt like I was learning not only a new skill but a new language. I believe my book writing is now stronger for the effort of learning script writing. Thanks to screenwriter Erin Rodman's class on how to write a holiday romance and her kind, patient, and valuable feedback, I wrote a screenplay based on a story idea I'd been tinkering with for a couple of years. Even if this script goes no further, I'm grateful for the feedback of the contest judges. Before I sold my first book, I entered contests for feedback. How else will I learn if I don't put it out there?
Thank you Stage 32 and ProPath Screenwriting for access to so much learning! 

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