Welcome friends and readers to my web page!

Welcome friends and readers to my web page!

I write sweet and inspirational romances and romantic suspense novels for Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense, Simon and Schuster, Howard Books, and Tule Publishing Group. I love to interact with readers daily on Facebook and Instagram.
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Dec 28, 2020

Publishers Weekly Bestseller!

I love when I receive an email from a friend telling me good news. Thank you to Faith, Hope and Love chapter of Romance Writers of America for letting me know that Christmas Protection Detail is a Publishers Weekly Bestseller! Thank you to the readers who've bought the book, I hope you enjoy Nick and Kaitlyn's story as much as I enjoyed writing it. 


Dec 24, 2020

Christmas 2020

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. May you find joy and love in each moment and take time for yourself. This year will be so different than any other, but the reason we celebrate remains the same. God bless you and keep you in His care.  

Dec 15, 2020

Print Release of Christmas Protection Detail

 Grab your copy today at bookstores and online. 


Look for all three books in the series.  Each book can stand alone.  

Dec 14, 2020

Sweet Christmas Reads!

 Sweet Christmas Reads Giveaway features twenty-four authors and four weekly giveaways—three holiday prize packs and one gift card. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and a candy cane and join us as we celebrate heartwarming Christmas books and give away prizes! Runs from 11/30 to 12/23.       https://melissamcclone.com/scr_week3

Dec 13, 2020

Dec 6, 2020

Christmas Round-Robin Scavenger Hunt! Great prizes!

Merry Christmas!! 
Welcome to the Christmas Round-Robin Scavenger Hunt! 
 I'm super excited to be participating!
PRIZES: 1st place $350 Amazon  gift card
                2nd place $250 Amazon gift card
                3rd place $150 Amazon gift card 
These prizes are USD values. If you are not a U.S. resident, you will get a gift card from the Amazon store for your country; however, it will be valued at these USD amounts. 

Here's how it works:  At each author's blog post, you will find a question that can be answered by checking out the free Amazon preview of their book. Provide the answer at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xKGM_SNUbkt0g4B9GiW5iy13ZuVsnY2rvB56wQoKC1A/edit

NOTE: You must answer the questions for every author in
the round-robin to be considered to win. 
When you have the answer fill out this form and head on over to the next blog (link below)

I'm so excited to share with you my newest Christmas release and a backlist Christmas release. I've written eight Christmas novels and each one is special to me. I love sharing Christmas with readers through my stories. 
I hadn't realized until recently that these two books have something in common. 

The heroine is a sheriff's deputy. 

A few years ago I attended a citizen's academy class through my local county sheriff's department. It was fascinating and informative. Most of the deputies we heard from were male, but we did meet one female deputy who left an impression. She was an inspiration to me and shaped how I view women in law enforcement. 

In both Christmas Protection Detail and Identity Unknown, I wanted to reflect the strength of character and the capabilities of my female deputy, while also, highlighting the fact she was a beautiful woman inside and out, who deserved a happily ever after. 
When writing a romantic suspense story, it's a fine balance  between keeping the romance at the forefront while the heroine and hero are dodging bullets and bad guys. 

In the opening of Christmas Protection Detail, Deputy Kaitlyn Lanz and Nick Delaney each provide a special ornament for the community Christmas tree. I loved writing this scene because it really sets up the crux of the romantic conflict that plays throughout the story as Kaitlyn and Nick work together to uncover the mystery of who killed a single mother and is now after the orphaned baby. 

In Identity Unknown, the romantic conflict comes a bit later in the story as Deputy Audrey Martin works to protect a man with no memory of who he is or why someone wants him dead. Audrey must keep a wall up because this handsome man may very well be on the wrong side of the law. Canadian Border Services officer Nathanial Longhorn must protect the pretty deputy from the bad guys, and possibly from himself, because he can't remember what happened to him or why he's become a target. 

I really love writing strong female characters who take on the world with courage and aplomb. I hope you'll enjoy getting to know these two strong and brave women, and the men who love them. 

Ready to play? Here's my question:

In Identity Unknown, what is the name of the beach where our hero is found?

You can find the answer in the preview of Identity Unknown. When you have the answer, fill out this form, and head to the next author in the scavenger hunt:  Dawn M. Turner 
who is telling us all about her Christmas book. 
Thank you so much for visiting and playing along with us! 
Remember you must answer every question from all 36 authors.  The scavenger hunt ends on December 13th at 11:59pm EST. 


Nov 30, 2020

Newsletter fun!

 If you haven't signed up for my newsletter, please do. 


Everyone once in a while I do a random drawing from my newsletter list and send out a prize. 

Last month's winner was Mary Sue Russell.

Here she is with her prize! A back list book, a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card and an ornament. 

Sweet Christmas Reads giveaways! WEEK 2

 Sweet Christmas Reads Giveaway features twenty-four authors and four weekly giveaways—three holiday prize packs and one gift card. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and a candy cane and join us as we celebrate heartwarming Christmas books and give away prizes! Runs from 11/30 to 12/23.

Nov 29, 2020

Secret Santa December 4th

Mark your calendar!

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SECRET SANTA DAY @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/DangerouslyDarkDarlings

*Friday December 4th. One day only. Mark your calendar.

*Secret Santas will be posting from 12:01am to 11:59pm on December 4th.

*139 authors will be gifting you books, swag, and gift cards. Many authors will be gifting multiple presents!

*The Secret Santas will introduce themselves, tell you a bit about their books, and ask you a question. Your answer is your entry into their giveaway!

*Remember: If you win a present, the best way you can thank an author is to leave them a review! Even if all you say in the review is "I loved it"--that's perfect!

Nov 25, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

Though this year is different in every way, I'm thankful for love, family and friends. 


Nov 17, 2020

Woot! Check out this special offer!

SPECIAL OFFER: This is a special PREORDER offer that includes a 20% discount off of the retail price of $5.99. This offer is available for two weeks or 25 copies sold, whichever comes first. This book will ship on or shortly after its release date of Dec 15.


Nov 5, 2020

Books, books and more books!

It's November! 2020 is flying by in someways and in other ways, its the longest year ever. 

I've been reading and streaming TV/movies when not writing my own books. I just can't do television right now. It's too distressing. 

Here are some of the books I've been reading.  I'm slowly reviewing my way through my stacks of read books.  

Oct 5, 2020

Featured in Family Fiction Magazine!

I'm so very excited and honored to be included in Family Fiction. Here's the link to the full article and scroll down for the link directly to my interview. 

More than two-dozen Christian suspense authors discuss how their faith impacts their fiction.

Over the years, FamilyFiction has talked to a lot of Christian authors who all manner of suspense—ranging from mysteries and thrillers to end-times fiction and more. What are the unique challenges of writing about crime, danger, and violence from a biblical worldview? Here’s what more than 25 authors had to say–including Terri Blackstock, Colleen Coble, Lynette Eason, Joel C. Rosenberg, Michelle Lindo-Rice and Michelle Stimpson, Irene Hannon, Dani Pettrey, DiAnn Mills, and more!

Here's the link to my interview! 


Sep 25, 2020

Check out the Harlequin Youtube Channel

Did you know Harlequin has a youtube channel with fun videos for book lovers!?!

Whether you're an aspiring writer or a reader who wants to know more about books, authors and the publishing world, there is a video here for you. 


I have a video interview to celebrate my 45th book with Harlequin, Secret Mountain Hideout!


Sep 12, 2020

Fresh Fiction contest!

Fresh Fiction has many contests every month. If you've never checked them out, this is a great time to do so. https://freshfiction.com/contests.php

I'm offering a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card. And I always add a surprise backlist book! 

Sep 8, 2020

Fabulous books for Fall

 It's September, the official start to autumn. Here in the PNW, the wind is blowing like crazy, the air quality is poor with smoke from the wildfires and the temperature is still fluctuating in the 80-90 range. It's best to stay inside reading! 

Here's a great way to find some new to you authors and books that will keep you going long into fall and winter. 


Aug 19, 2020

Coming in December!

 When a call from a friend in trouble leads Nick Delaney and Deputy Kaitlyn Lanz to a car crash that killed a single mother, they become the baby’s protectors. Now figuring out why someone is after the child is the only way to save her. But they must find answers soon…or this baby’s first Christmas might just be Nick’s and Kaitlyn’s last.

From Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.

Pre-order here

Aug 2, 2020


I'm helping my friend Alexis celebrate her blog's 10th birthday with a giveaway!

Alexis A. Goring, MFA, is the founder of "God is Love" blog. She invites you to celebrate her blog's 10th birthday this August 2020! Every day in August, author friends who have been featured on her blog over the past 10 years will give away one or more copies of their books. These may include signed paperback copies or e-books for your Kindle! Visit "God is Love" blog on August 1 through August 31 to join in on the fun. Giveaway contests will end on Sept. 2, 2020 and winners will be notified via email.


Jul 26, 2020

Exciting News!

Explosive Situation has been on Publisher's Weekly for two weeks in a row. 

Jul 9, 2020

Christmas in July!

Everyone needs a little Christmas cheer even in the summer, why not grab a copy of A Family Under the Christmas Tree, now available in audio as well as print and ebook. Then watch Hallmark’s adaptation of the book titled Picture A Perfect Christmas!

Below is the Hallmark channel’s schedule of when to find 
Picture a Perfect Christmas.
Check with your local cable provider for channel and times as it may vary depending on the provider.
  • Saturday, July 11, 2020
    1:00pm PT/4:00pm ET – Picture a Perfect Christmas
  • Tuesday, July 14, 2020
    9:00am PT/12:00pm ET – Picture a Perfect Christmas
  • Sunday, July 19, 2020
    5:00 am PT/ 8:00am – Picture a Perfect Christmas

Jun 29, 2020

Explosive Situation Releases on July 1

I can't believe it's almost July! Where has the time gone? In so many ways it has flown by and yet in others ways it has been an exhausting and long first half of 2020.

The bright spot for me is Explosive Situation releases this week! 

If you visit my FB page,  you'll see/hear me read an excerpt of my favorite scene in Explosive Situation. 

I also have a couple of contests running over on Fresh Fiction as well as a Q&A about the book. 

Happy summer and Happy reading!

Jun 23, 2020

A new Leah Vale book!

Check out Wrangling the Cowboy's Heart by my long time critique partner Leah Vale.
We started out together over twenty years ago as unpublished authors with the dream to write romance stories that would touch people's lives.  In the process of learning to navigate craft  of writing and the business of publishing we became best friends.

How gorgeous is this cover! The story is such a fun and heart-felt tale of two people who have known each other their whole lives but soon discover that familiarity can be enticing and magical if they can let down their guard long enough to let love in.

His little sister’s best friend…

The moment Amanda Rodrigues placed her hand over his heart to break up a fight, rancher Liam Neisson knew he was in trouble. He may have watched Amanda grow up next door and run in and out of his house indulging in wild escapades with his sister, but at this year’s rodeo, he suddenly can no longer think of her as the dark-haired little orphan girl running wild. She’s now a stubborn brown-eyed beauty who needs his help.

Her best friend’s big brother…

Sure she’s crushed on Liam all her life, but can she trust him? Barrel racer Amanda recently inherited her parents' small dream ranch years ago, and has learned to run it with little help, but when a letter arrives from an attorney saying his client has a promissory note now due, Amanda knows even her will and hard work ethic won’t be enough. Liam’s family offers to help, but his offer to buy her prized stallion raises her suspicions. What if Amanda is risking more than her heart?



Jun 12, 2020

June Giveaway

Start Summer with Right! I'm giving away a Barnes and Noble gift card and a surprise backlist book over at Fresh Fiction.   

Jun 9, 2020

Two of my favorite authors!

6 pm ET – 5 pm CT – 4 pm MT – 3 pm PT
Sponsored by Poisoned Pen Bookstore, Arizona*
How to Join: Tune in live at https://www.facebook.com/thepoisonedpenbookstore/live! You’ll be able to ask the authors questions in the comments.
•    PREORDER THE FRIENDSHIP LIST: https://bit.ly/tfl-pp
•    PREORDER DANCE AWAY WITH ME: https://bit.ly/dawwm-pp
*The Poisoned Pen will ship books to the Susans, so they can be signed and personalized before being shipped to you.
No ticket required, no purchase necessary.