Welcome friends and readers to my web page!

Welcome friends and readers to my web page!

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April 2018

Military K-9 Unit

Enter the world of the Military K-9 Unit

A riveting new series begins!

When the Red Rose Killer leaves his calling card for Staff Sergeant Felicity Monroe, she knows exactly what that means—she’s on his revenge list. Her boss, Master Sergeant Westley James, and K-9 German shepherd Dakota become her guardians, but they’ll have to act fast to escape the man who wants her dead.

ISBN-10: 1335490280 | ISBN-13: 978-1335490285

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  1. I just finished your book Mission to Protect and I have to say, I don't know where you got your information on the military, but there are all kinds of errors in this book. My hubby is retired AF, plus we both worked on military bases for years with Dept of Defense.

    * Buy groceries in the Commissary, not the BX
    * Cook food in the mess hall, not the Commissary
    * BDUs=Battle dress uniforms. Never heard of battle ready uniforms.
    * A former combat pilot would not be a senior airman, but would be an officer at the very least.
    * Base nutritionist would never be an airman and would be an officer
    * Officers and enlisted personnel do not usually hang out together for any reason

    I sincerely hope these errors are not carried forward in the rest of the books in this series. Otherwise, I enjoyed your story line.