Welcome friends and readers to my web page!

Welcome friends and readers to my web page!

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Feb 1, 2013

A Friend's New Release

If anyone is looking for a fun read, check this new release out!    One of my good friends had a part in bringing this book to life.

Single mom Laura Russell reluctantly agrees to join an online dating service at the request of her terminally ill son, Josh. His “Make-A-Wish” is for her to fall in love and marry; he doesn’t want her to be alone when he dies. Four of Laura’s closest friends join her, and together they form the inaugural Find-Me-a-Man Club. Dating misadventures abound and hilarity ensues as the friends embark on their online journeys to help Josh find the perfect man for his mom.
Mirroring the sentiments of a Shakespeare sonnet, let me count the ways I loveFind-Me-a-Man Club— where do I begin? A book dealing with the culture of online dating could easily be one-dimensional. Defying those odds, the characters in this work are delightfully honest and authentic. Their stories will resonate with any woman who has dipped a reluctant toe into the Web dating waters of the twenty-first century. The Find-Me-a-Man Club is formed because of the wishes of a dying son, Josh. He delightfully and poignantly blogs about his mom, Laura, as she honors his request that she move on with life and find love. Laura’s story launches the book with grace, vulnerability, and aching beauty. Laura births a club that takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride through the agony and ecstasy of the dating scene. With laughter and tears, their club embraces the universal estrogen-laden club of women longing for a second chance at love.”
—Bonnie Keen, 58
Nashville native, five-time Grammy-nominated vocalist/author/songwriter, and actress

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  1. Thank you for sharing Find Me a Man Club, Terri! Really appreciate the shoutout.