Dec 20, 2014

Her Christmas Protector

Its always fun when someone has read one of my books, in this case Her Christmas Protector, and asks me to do an interview on the website. 
Thank you Sylvia Frances for hosting me today.
She's offering a prize to a commenter. Stop by if you have a moment

"If I can't have you, no one will."

Those words from her abusive ex-husband sent Faith Delange fleeing from everything familiar. And when a bus dropped her off in the small town of Sisters, Oregon, Faith immediately found room, board and a job on an isolated ranch. But she couldn't tell her handsome new boss, Luke Campbell, what had her jumping at shadows during the joy of the holiday season—or what kept her out of his arms. She'd only put his and his frail mother's lives at stake. Faith feared her past would never let her go, but could Luke be the one to give her a future?

Dec 19, 2014

Special Ornaments

Here's a clue for the Craftie Ladies of Romance Christmas Caper

Do you have special ornaments? Very year my in-laws send my children a new ornament. Our tree is filled with these ornaments. Here are the first two that my kids received. The teddy bear is my daughters and the raccoon is my son's.
I have kept all the boxes the ornaments have come in so when the time comes I can separate out their special ornaments for their own trees. My tree will look pretty bear but that is the way life goes. 

Whose Tree is That?

One week from today is Christmas. My tree is up, presents are wrapped and the stockings hung.
And over at the Craftie Ladies of Romance blogspot we've got a challenge for you!

Join us on December 19th and match the tree to the author (Don't worry; we'll give clues). The person who gets it right first, or closest first, by 10 p.m. Mountain Time will receive a book blast.

Are you up to the challenge?
Hint: Clues will be in the comments section